Frequently Asked Questions


You can purchase the card on this website.
You can also choose several different delivery methods.
We offer free delivery on all cards however we do not
guarantee safe arrival of your card via normal postal service.
The safest delivery method is registered post however there is an extra cost.
We recommend this option as we will not be responsible
for lost or missing cards due to postal service.


My Local Discount Card is available at approved outlets
including participating charities, schools, sporting clubs
and community organisations.
To find a current list of participating outlets, click here.


The price of the My Local Discount card is $30.
From time to time we run promotional specials where you
may be able to purchase the card at a discounted rate.

If you’re a participating business and would like to
change or amend your discount or benefit,
please refer to your Merchant Agreement to understand
your obligations and then contact us on (07) 5482 2710 to discuss.

Cost depends on a variety of factors including
complexity of marketing campaign, creation of advertisement,
duration and medium used i.e. email marketing,
local newspaper print advertisement or Facebook paid advertising.
To discuss your particularly marketing needs, contact us on (07) 5482 2710.

Yes you can. At its core, My Local Discount is a marketing agency
and there are many paid opportunities to promote your business
to cardholders should you need to. If you have a new product launch,
are holding an event, have a once-off special promotion
or just need to get the word out about your business to our social networks,
please contact us on (07) 5482 2710 to discuss.

My Local Discount will use a variety of online and offline tools
to promote businesses that are part of the program.
Promotional activities can include ads on social media,
paid Facebook advertisements, direct marketing, flyers,
email marketing and newspaper ads.

When trying to choose discounts, benefits or specials to offer,
remember to pick something that is attractive, that people would
actually want and will make them sit up and take notice is the goal.

Each business is different and you will need to consider a range
of things such as your budget, capacity, ability to honour
the discount offer and even your competitors discounts
when trying to select the one that best suits you.

Here are some ideas to help get you started:
2 for 1 deals; Buy 1 get 1 FREE; Make a purchase and get a FREE gift;
Kids eat free on Wednesdays; 10% off store wide on Saturdays ONLY;
Discounted meals on Thursday nights etc.
You get the drift.

If you need help deciding what discount or benefit to offer,
please contact us on (07) 5482 2710.

There are many advantages of joining the My Local Discount Program.

If you are a cardholder – by purchasing a card. you are rewarded
with a discount, special or benefit for shopping locally helping
you to save money over the course of the year.

If you are a business owner – there are many benefits to joining
such as business exposure, potential increase in sales and enquiries
and customer loyalty. For a complete list of the advantages
to joining the My Local Discount Program, click here.

If you are a charity, school, porting club or community organisation
you can sell the card and raise funds for your organisation.
You receive half of all your sales proceeds. To learn more, visit this page.

It is FREE for businesses to join the My Local Discount Program *

We welcome new businesses to our program! So if you wish to offer a discount,
special or benefit to our members, please contact us on (07) 5482 2710.

It is the responsibility of each participating business to determine
a discount, special or benefit that fits in with their budget,
their marketing goals and with the needs and wants of the community.
My Local Discount assists in this area but we cannot make the final
decision for a business. Businesses are made aware that the more
attractive their discount or special, the more interest they will
drive from customers and local residents.

If you want a discount or special from a business that isn’t listed
on My Local Discount, please contact us and let us know which
business it is and we will follow up for you!


Participating businesses are not required to honour discounts
to members who do not present their cards at checkout
or point of sale. If you lose, forget or misplace your card,
it is not the responsibility of the business to offer goodwill and
honour the discount or member special. It is your responsibility to
present it each and every time. Should you require a replacement
or new card, you will need to purchase another My Local Discount card.

You will need to present your card to obtain the discount,
benefit or special with any participating business.
We encourage you to present your card as early as possible
so you can rest assured that you will be receiving a discounted
price or the special. Participating businesses are required
to honour their discount or special upon
presentation of the My Local Discount card.

If you do not have your My Local Discount card on you,
you will not receive the discount or special. Businesses are not required
to honour discounts or specials if you forget to bring or lose/misplace your discount card.

My Local Discount card is accepted at over 80+ businesses
in the Gympie region. For a list of participating businesses
and the discounts and specials they are offering discount card holders, click here.

For regular post, it is free however we do not accept any responsibility
for missing or lost cards if you choose this delivery option.

For express post and registered there is an additional cost of $3.

For express or registered post, your card should arrive in 3-5 working days.

For regular post, please allow up to 10 working days.

Yes there is. Please contact us and we can explain the discounts to you as they are constantly changing.

If you purchased express post or registered post, your card should
be with you in 3-5 working days and for regular post, please up to 10 working days.
We do not accept any responsibility for lost or stolen cards through regular
post and will not refund any monies paid as a result of delivery issues that
result in a missing card. We encourage all customers to select registered
post to safeguard against postal issues.

My Local Discount cards are non-refundable and non-transferable
so you will need to purchase a new card.
You can purchase a new card on this website or at any one of our participating outlets.

The My Local Discount card was created as an initiative to support
the local economy. The founders of this small business are originally
from Melbourne and had moved to the Gympie region after purchasing a farm.
After a couple of years in the region and having spoken to many
business and community members, the founders realised there was a gap
in the way members of the community viewed other parts of the community.
The founders feel that each component of a community is as valid and as
important as any other. The initiative brings together local businesses,
charities, schools, community groups and residents. Each part of the
community is rewarded for spending or supporting this initiative
by way of receiving a discount or member special, or raising funds for
their organisation. It truly is a win-win-win concept.


Please contact My Local Discount on (07) 5482 2710 to discuss contractual obligations and next steps.