Want to get your business seen by thousands of residents in Gympie?


Offering a discount with My Local Discount will bring you tremendous benefits, the biggest of which is that we will be promoting and marketing your business to the entire community online and offline.

Benefits of becoming a My Local Discount business affiliate:


  • Increase your business’ visibility within the Gympie community.
  • By offering discounts, promotions, specials and other benefits to our Discount cardholders, you will forge stronger relationships with local shoppers and build customer loyalty.
  • Your business will be promoted through a variety of online and offline channels to Gympie residents, including but not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, monthly email newsletters and so much more.
  • Partnering with My Local Discount reflects positively on your business, products and services because we are a local business, supporting other local businesses. In addition, through our fundraising program, you will indirectly be helping schools, sporting clubs and charities raise much needed funds.
  • No upfront costs, financial investments or business risk involved with being a My Local Discount business merchant. The only thing you need to do is offer an attractive discount or special and honour it when the My Local Discount Card is presented at point of sales/checkout.

*all discounts are subject to approval by My Local Discount

How to join:

The My Local Discount Program is a FREE service for businesses and it’s really simple to join:

  1. Decide what discount you’d like to offer customers*

2.   Contact us with the offer and we will send you a form to complete and we’ll also need your website link and business logo .

3.  Once we receive your completed form and approve your discount, we will then begin advertising and promoting your business to our HUGE audience!

Offer a discount today!

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