My Local Discount is more than a discount card. It harnesses the power of community spirit.


What started off as a way to help build a stronger local community has turned into an idea that’s being embraced right across Gympie.

And for good reason.

The concept genuinely encompasses the ‘Shop Local, Support Local’ spirit. My Local Discount embraces a win-win-win approach for all parties involved.

How everyone wins.

My Local Discount card serves:

  • Local businesses – as it helps to give small businesses visibility in the marketplace and helps bring more customers in through the door,
  • Gympie residents – by rewarding them with a discount or other benefit for shopping at, and supporting local businesses, and
  • Schools, charities, sporting clubs and other community groups – by giving them a reliable method of raising funds for their organisations.

So if you’re a business looking to jump on board and want to learn more about what’s in it for you, click here.

If you’d love to take advantage of its year-long discounts, specials and benefits, purchase a card here.

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